Your THC EMF Wrist Band will be programmed with our Immune Support formula including ATP consisting of the following imprints.


Immune Support:

CBD Oil (CB), Lauric Acid from Coconut oil. Viral and Microbial infection

Quercetin (Q), immune booster and broad-spectrum antiviral. Inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Vitamin C (C), Camu, Camu (CC), Gooseberry (GB).

Worm Wood, Artemisia Annua (WW)

Harsingar Flower (HF), Night Jasmine

Melatonin (MEL)

Vitamin A (A)

Vitamin D (D), prevention and treatment of influenza and upper respiratory tract infections.

Magnesium (M)

Vitamin K2 (K2)

Zinc Ionic (ZI), Picolinate and/or Sulfate

ATP (ATP), Adenosine Triphosphate, the energy for your cells.

Super Water (SW).


Your band is designed to complement your Immune Support Protect Filters for your phone and your Shungite Holographic Pendant for your thyroid and/or spine.


The higher and higher RF frequencies associated with 5/6G require maximum radiation coverage for your body. Your Protect Filter will clean up the antenna and cell tower signal and use the signal to modulate our Immune Formula to your cell phone and body.


You still need coverage from the radiation hitting your body outside your phone from Satellites, Cell Towers and Millimeter antennas that are constantly emitting RF signals. Your TCH EMF band and Shungite Pendant will afford additional Immune Support outside your phone.

EMF Protection Band

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